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In 1989 Greg graduated with a BA in communications, a TV production emphasis and a minor in business.  He interned the first 6 months of his career as a production assistant, then with one c-stand, two apple boxes and an open face lighting kit he started his climb up the ladder, grip-electrician-gaffer and finally director of photography. That Lowel kit has now grown into a beautiful and fully loaded 5-Ton Lighting and Grip Truck.   And not only does he have a lighting package he is very proud of, Greg purchased his first camera in 1995 and 6 cameras later is now the proud owner of an ARRI ALEXA package.


John Ames (Director of Photography) After earning a Masters of Arts degree in film production in 1992, John began his career in the Virginia film industry as an assistant cameraman and went on to shoot award winning commercials for local advertising agencies. He relocated to California in 1994 and has continued his work as a Director of Photography on a wide variety of work including features, short films, TV series, documentaries, commercials, music videos and corporate videos. His clients include NASA, General Dynamics, Marriott, Proactiv, Universal Studios and several Discovery Channel series including: The New Detectives, FBI Files, The Prosecutors, Wicked Attractions, The Bureau, FBI: Criminal Pursuit and Happily Never After.

John’s desire to use the camera to tell stories visually has taken him to locations all over the globe including Canada, Guatemala, China, Australia, Africa and most of the U.S.. His work has been screened at film festivals, aired nationally on such outlets as, Fox/Family Channel, The Learning Channel, Investigation Discovery, Dutch Television and Entertainment Tonight.

When  he is not shooting, he enjoys teaching all aspects of cinematography and has been a guest instructor for The Los Angeles Film Studies Center, Regent University, Palm Beach Atlantic University and University of the Nations in Hawaii. He served as a Jury member for the 2009 Redemptive Film Festival and is an active member of the Digital Cinema Society. John’s latest work to air is the documentary, A Profile In Courage and the first of three TV series, Hot On The Trail with Host Sunny Savage for the Veria network.

“I am proud of my hard work and commitment to quality. Some guys jump right in out of school and call themselves DP’s.  This gives you a very narrow skillset.   I have more tools in my toolbox having patiently worked my way up the ladder.  Lens selection, camera movement, lighting tricks of the trade-these talents all have more depth having spent many years supporting my mentors.  Some of these guys are true artists, such as Craig Barker, to whom I owe a debt of gratitude. “


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