Multi Camera and Media Labeling System

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CAMTAGZ Multi Camera and Media Labeling System

CAMTAGZ  are color coded, peel and stick labels which make organizing individual camera packages and media cards simple, clean and easy.  Our labels are removable, durable and sharpie ready. Camtagz labels are essential for media management and multi camera shoots.

Camera Package Labels

The CAMTAGZ Camera Package Label sheets allow you to quickly and clearly label cameras, monitors, cables and accessories for up to 5 camera packages.  Each camera unit is designated with it's own color and number for easy identification.

Carefully following a structured data management procedure will significantly reduce the possibility of a costly mistake.  CAMTAGZ Media Card Labels are marked "DOWNLOAD READY" with  the CAMERA UNIT and CARD NUMBER for easy identification.  The label sheets are perforated between camera colors for easy separation.

Generic color-coded  “Download Ready” and “Format Ready” peel and stick labels.  The text has been offset to allow room for a folded tab and your own hand written information.

Media Card Labels

“Ready Rolls”



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